Digital Receipt Platform
New touchpoint for consumer operation.

A New Place to Attract Consumers
Shop customers become mall members when activating digital receipts
Different ways to obtain means different ways to reach consumers
Combined with apps of the mall, integrate both online and offline activities of each customer.
A New Channel for Marketing
Digital receipt platform is also a niched marketing platform. It gathers preference and provide recommendations when obtained.
Rich display forms to meet the needs of different types of marketing scenarios.
Cross-industry marketing. Traffic-Driving across stores. Great cost performances.
Commodity-level data identification to better understand customer needs
Green & Carbon Neutrality
Green shopping mall construction standard
Linked with “Ant forest” in Alipay
Easy realization of environmental protection
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Application Scenarios
Commercial Complex  
Applied to shopping malls, department stores, interconnected walkways and other commercial communities, digital receipts can effectively establish the link between people and goods, empowering the business operations from each store in the area, and make it possible for jointly operating members. Both stores and commercial properties can grasp the transaction data of the whole site comprehensively and in real-time.
Supermarket Chains
When applied to the supermarket industry, digital receipt helps the digital transformation of supermarket groups, efficiently connect supermarket consumers in digital way, offers them ways for green consumption, saves energy and reduce carbon emissions during the process. It, at the same time, provides insight into members' consumption preferences, in order to establish accurate on-demand marketing and member services. 
Brand and Franchise
Applied to brands with lot of franchise, digital receipt could not only save tremendous amount of cost created by paper receipts, but also prevent franchise from reporting inaccurate sales number to the headquarter.
Catering Business
Applied to catering merchants, digital receipts can be used to easily issue invoices.