Sales-Data Management System
To fully grasp the complete picture of daily operations from stores.

Automatic Acquisition of Omni-channel Data to Support Efficient Operations
Benchmark data generated by multi-dimensional data sources. 
Customized data-reporting forms and automatic compares them with mutual verification
Support various digital application of shopping mall.
AI Consistency Model Verification to Improve Operational Efficiency
Establish a consistency model based on the service experience of tens of thousands of merchants
Automatically locates abnormal data problems
Saves a lot of time in sales-data comparison
No Need to Wait Next Day to Gather The Data
Real-time connection and collection for multi-channel sales data
Intelligent data matching and fast locating data anomaly
Intelligent acquisition to reduce data reporting work

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Formalizing Data-correction Standard for Stores and Establish Trust and Connections With Stores
Covering sales-data from all channels
Acquiring data from mobile payment, membership reward points and sales receipt
Displaying detail data including product ID, retail price, discounts, total amounts, etc.
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AI Verification
Cross verification between various scenarios and dimensions to get the authentic data
Compare reported data and credible data to confirm the sales number
Increase the efficiency of operation
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Explore New Possibilities
Authentic, complete and accurate data to meet multiple needs in management.

Rent Strategy

Project Accounting

Business Analysis and Early Warning

Store Attraction and Relocation Policies