Improving the Value of Data

About Us

Established in November 2015, Data-Driven Technology is invested and incubated by Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University and is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to big data services. With our headquarter located in Beijing, we set up several branches all around China, including Research and Development Center in Jinan and Zhengzhou, as well as a data factory in Hefei specializing in data governance services.

Relying on our unique advantage in data connection, data governance, and data applications, we provide our clients with complete, comprehensive, and secure data services to help them grow data-based operations and digital transformation strategy. We cultivate the value of data by establishing sturdy connections with consumers through our products and services in the fields of retail business, pharmaceutical health, tax services, medical care, and the wellness industry. At present, we have served over 1500 shopping malls, department stores, and other business complexes, more than 10 provincial drug&health related administrations, over 100,000 pharmacies, and more than 100 elderly wellness care centers.

Through the application of data services, we have successfully completed more than ten major scientific and technological projects at national or provincial levels. We helped the government build the vaccine traceability & supervision system in fighting Covid-19 and the establishment of national pharmaceutical emergency security system is also our pride.

Thanks to our dedication to data services, we have received numerous recognition including our clients, media and government. We are honored with “Top Beijing SRDI” (Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovation) Enterprise by Beijing Government in 2020, “Future Unicorn Enterprise” by Internet Weekly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2020, and “Rising Stars Tech Top 20”in 2020 by Deloitte.
It’s not a easy task to fully grasp the value of data, but here we are, and we will keep innovating.


Wang Zhanhong
Graduated from Tsinghua University.
Before Mr. Wang found Data-Driven Technology in 2015, he served as the assistant president of BOE Technology Group. General manager of Wyse China from the United States and Deputy manager of Zhongtai Tech from Hong Kong. He held important positions in Tsinghua Big Data Association, China Cyber Security Alliance, and CCFA.
Vice President, Partner
Wang Xiaoyu
Graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Currently serving as the technical director of the National Vaccine Traceability Collaborative Service Platform, Mr. Wang is the general manager in charge Medicine & Healthcare Division. He is also the initiator of our original data bridging technology as well as a senior expert in electronic taxation with multiple invention patents.
Vice President, Partner
Ye Wang
Graduated from Tsinghua University.
As an expert member of Chinese Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 100 People's Association. Mr. Ye is the general manager in charge of Digital &Commerce Division, focusing on the field of data governance and data applications. He also owns a number of national patents including digital receipts and sales data management system.
Vice President
Qi Yufeng
Graduated from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology
Mr. Qi is the co-founder in Data-Driven Technology and is currently in charge of the Research & Planning department. He has over ten years of experience in digital transformation and application development.
Assistant President
He Weimeng
Graduated from Rocket Force University of Engineering
Mr. He specialize in digital product design and the construction of information system in a variety of categories. He has over 10 years of experience in project management.
Assistant President
Cai Heng
Graduated from Tsinghua University
After graduated from Tsinghua University with bachelor in journalism, Mr. Cai gained Master of Science in LSE and Master of Arts in USC. He was the co-founder of top MCN, Star-Station TV and has 8 years of experience in product management and digital media operations. He is listed in 30 Under30 Forbes Asia in 2017.


November 2021

Store Sales-Data Management System launched

October 2020

Developed "Bai Ze" AI analysis engine, received support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and built vaccine & drug traceability systems for 7 provincial administrations

May 2018

Closed Series B financing, by Shanghai Hepei, Xingsheng Industry, Anji Yunshang

February 2017

Famous investor Mr. Wu Jiong (former Alibaba CTO) joined

August 2016

Launched the e-cloud service for transaction vouchers, accessing over 10,000 stores per month

November 2015

China Lodging Hotel Group, Haihui Investment, Fenghe Investment Series A financing


To fully realize and cultivate the value of data with the excellent technology.


To establish ubiquitous data connections in the whole society.
To create a fair environment for all business.
To achieve a better healthcare protection for the people.

Core Value

To make our clients better, to make our employees better, to make world better.