Smart Caring & Wellness Solutions
To fully realize the digitalization of elderly wellness industry through monitoring their health status and living behaviors.

Smart Wellness Digital Platform

Based on data acquisition and docking technologies, our original product Smart Ground is the go-to solution for monitoring elderly behaviors in order to provide them with detailed caring, by summarizing data of the aged, institutions and multiple facilities. Our services help organizations with detailed analysis of living routines, track of personal health status and make it possible for quick responds in case of emergency.
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What is Living Data?
Living data refers to the daily behaviors such as going to bed, getting up, going to the toilet, bathing, walking, jogging, falling, etc., that can comprehensively reflect the real-time health status of the elderly's daily routine, and remind with the possibility of abnormal situations.
Therefore, living data is the core data that managers, nursing staff, family members and the elderly themselves are paying attention to. It can effectively reflect daily routines of elderly to meet personalized care needs from institutions and caring staff. Their children and relatives can view their daily status and to assess whether they are well treated, especially in the case of emergency.
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Smart Ground


Wellness Management System


Could-Based Monitoring Platform
Smart Ground
By using thin-sensors layer embedded in the floor, Smart Ground is able to collect and record behavioral data of the people in real time, It calculates and analyzes the result of passenger flow (which can be used in commercial industry), behavior trajectory, residence time, and alarm on abnormal situations.

    The first ground sensing technology in China
    2mm thick
    Can be laid under PVC, wood floors, tiles and other materials
    Can be integrated to existing floor, carpet and rubber pad products
    Waterproof, Corrosion Resistant, Fire Resistant, Insulating, Durable
    Fast implementation
Multifunctional Sensor System
Our Advantage

Early Warning

Through continuous data collection and analysis, it is able to sense abnormal situations (fall on the ground) and therefore alarms. Notification will be sent to relevant personnel in no time.

Privacy Protection

Privacy-preserving, invisible smart hardware.


Through data analysis and our intelligent learning system, the accuracy rate is 99.99%, and it is not affected by the external environment.

360 Degrees

Wide ground coverage, no monitoring blind angle.
Wellness Management System
Wellness Management System provides nurses and managers with daily living rules and real-time status data of the elderly to achieve more accurate and efficient services. The platform is an ERP system that include platform management, health care system configuration, basic information management, health care personnel management, care real-time data and so on.
Cloud-based Monitoring Platform
Children of the elderly could check their status anytime and anywhere. We also provide additional functions such as ordering food and necessities, so as to improve the children's (or other guardian’s) trust on institutions.
Alarm and Reminder
Real-time reminders for the elderly to fall, go to the toilet for too long time, go out without returning, lie down for a long time without getting up, etc., and check the situation on how it is been handled.

Real-time Behavior Status View and Schedule Check
To have a view of the daily living behaviors and status of the elderly such as sleep, dining, room activities, and going out, to make sure their schedule all goes well.

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