Medicine Traceability
Trace the production, circulation, distribution and consumption of medicines and provide in-depth analysis of the market.

Establish A Reliable and Stable Traceability System
A traceability system suit for pharmaceutical manufacturers to complete the tracing of the entire chain from production, circulation to consumption, providing informatization support for enterprise in anti-counterfeiting, supply chain management, and market data analysis.
Manufacturing Traceability Service System
The system utilizes the relevant coding standards and assign codes on packaging units at all levels of the production and associate various codes during different packaging process. When products are sold, the system provides relevant traceability information to downstream enterprises or medical institutions for verification and feedbacks will also be collected downstream to manufactures.
Circulation Traceability Service System
We also provide downstream enterprises with traceability data records in the circulation process, as wholesalers, logistic companies, chain stores and pharmacies at each circulation node upload the scan code data of products during the stock and sale process.
Sales-data Collection Platform
We are also able to provide a sales-data collection system. Installed on the cashier of retail units or pharmacy chains, it achieves the automatic collection of traceability data without disturbing the existing sales process, automatically synchronize the recorded sales information to the client.
Code-Convergence Service Platform Easily Realizes Drug Traceability Supervision and Help Pharmacies in Their Daily Operations.
Our traceability system in sales-side, Code-Convergence is awarded and uniquely promoted by Huawei in the field of pharmaceuticals. The system covers over 10,000 retail pharmacies, and help pharmaceutical companies really have a grasp in data from drug production to sales.

AI Technology Empowers Pharmacy Traceability Problems


SaaS Service Model


Data Belongs to The Enterprise

Huawei Selected in Huawei Cloud Mall
As an excellent partner of HUAWEI CLOUD market in 2021, Data-Driven Technology is also a pioneer in SaaS for Pharmacies. Our Code-Convergence service platform has been listed as Huawei Selected for sales in platform after passing strict evaluation and review.
We provide pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies with solutions in traceability, management and consumer marketing while meeting the regulatory requirements of the authorities. We assist in the digitalization upgrade of pharmaceutical business enterprises to ensure efficient and compliant operation of enterprises.
Overall Business Process
Retail Business Process
Consumer Services
Gather Product Value Help Your Digital Operation
We gather the data by establishing traceability system of medicines, We improve the management for everyone with original technologies, We ensure the safety and security of the medicine.
Code convergence software is compatible with any cash register system
One-click installation, zero interruption
Compatible with most scanning devices
No need to purchase equipment separately
The traceability code is automatically converted into a product barcode
Meet the sales entry conditions