Vaccine Traceability & Supervision System
We established the national traceability system of vaccines to meet the needs for government supervision.

National Vaccine Traceability Collaborative Service Platform
Data-Driven Technology is entrusted by the State Food and Drug Administration with the task to build the national vaccine traceability collaborative service platform, which assists in the interconnection of drug traceability information between different systems.
The platform provides public services for ordinary citizens, enterprises, and regulatory authorities at all levels. It plays the role of "bridge" and "hub" in the traceability system. The platform has connected with 31 provincial CDCs, all 50 domestic vaccine manufacturers, and 8 foreign vaccine manufacturers.
Full Process, Full Coverage
The platform circulates more than 1.5 billion vaccine traceability data packages annually. Since the launch, country's vaccines have achieved one-object-one-code traceability of the entire chain from production to vaccination, providing informational support that ensured the safe production and safe use of vaccines in China.
National Vaccine Traceability Supervision System
Based on the data of the National Vaccine Collaborative Service Platform and combined with the needs of the vaccine traceability supervision business, Data-Driven Technology also built the national vaccine traceability supervision system for the State Drug Administration.
Meeting Vaccine Regulatory Needs
The system applies big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies that provides a multi-dimensional panoramic display of country's vaccine production, circulation, and vaccination. It can display batch-level and code-level drug traceability links, and conduct multi-dimensional statistical analysis of the data to provide real-time early warning of abnormal situations and assist supervisory departments in daily supervisory applications and decision-making.
疫苗追溯监管系统 - 小图
Provincial Vaccine Traceability Supervision System
Data-Driven Technology has built a vaccine traceability supervision system for many provinces across the country, assisting the provincial food and drug administration to fully apply the data resources to the national collaborative platform, also combining both business needs and local supervision needs.
Provincial Platform
While completing the informatization supervision of vaccine traceability in various provinces, the system fully integrates the business needs of the province to build a daily comprehensive supervision application that fits the province. The application business extends from vaccine traceability supervision to routine drug supervision.