Consumer Data Platform
An insight into your consumers

Capabilities in Developing Data Standard
Sort out current data status and set good business goals 
Establish data standards that meet specific business characteristics
Find the true business priorities of the enterprise.
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Omni-channel Consumer Data Collection Capabilities
Digital receipts to obtain offline consumption data 
Integrate mall to obtain consumer online behavior data
Obtain data through participation in marketing campaigns and coupon write-offs
Data Governance and Data Asset Management Capabilities
One of the first data governance platforms in China. 
AI analysis and support from data specialist in process.
Continuously ensuring the data accuracy rate reaches 99.9%, and the abnormal data processing time is within 2 minutes
In the process of data collection, data exchange, data management, data storage, and data applications. We make sure all information is secured and protected.
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Comprehensive Consumer Insights
Over 1500 shopping mall deployment experience is transformed into a standard knowledge map, which is used to identify and label consumer groups.
Based on the mapping between the label system and consumer behaviors, we truly build the consumer insight that is useful to you.
After-sale Service Training System
"Digital Talent Certification" on our professionals
Supporting crews will accompany from beginning to the end to ensure that our system will run smoothly and efficiently.
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