Integrated E-Commerce Platform
A new O2O scenario for all shopping malls

High Integration Across Multi-channels
Various business formats such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets could use our Platform to provide customers with more product and service timelessly.
Online and offline integration, cross-channel consumer activation, online privileges and offline experience breaks barriers for consumers and complement each other with unique shopping experiences.
Thousand shops and thousand customized interface for each unique customer.
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Full-time Opening
Online shopping guidance (all day), empowering the stores that could serve customers at any time without restrictions.
Online membership (all scenarios), seamless switching between online and offline scenarios for shopping, consumption, activities, and services
Online products (all categories), retail, catering, services, entertainment and other categories can provide extra products in the platform, to fully meet various needs of customers.
Unified Management: Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase.
Unified inventory management: scheduling of inventory in store warehouses, central warehouses, third-party warehouses, virtual warehouses and other channels
Unified order management: customers, stores, shopping malls headquarters and other parties all have their own order management interface under one system, which is convenient for order scheduling, processing, tracking and service
Unified membership management: members can get credits, coupons and other unique services both online and offline.

Yes! The consumption is more convenient, and the customer will be more loyal. Shopping malls will have extra channels to better understand and serve customers.