MES in Pharma

MES in Pharma
Our system aims at solving problems for domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, starting from the approval flow and manufacturing flow, to meet the need of regulatory compliance and the improve the informatization level in production process.
Support Compliance in Manufacturing
Through the establishment of standards for the quality and safety supervision and management of the manufacturing process, it guides the direction for informatization and digitalization, and lays the foundation for data interconnection between various information systems within the company, to meet the need for both administrative compliance and cooperate compliance.
Fast Verification for Supervision Departments
By collecting the main activity data in the drug manufacturing process, the system is able to initiate drug production files and ensures the uniqueness of the data, one that cannot be changed or destroyed. It is convenient for supervisors to centrally, quickly and effectively obtain the data that needs to be checked and tested, and effectively improve work efficiency.
Digitalization of Quality Management
Our MES in Pharma can help companies establish a complete traceability system in drug manufacturing processes, and the system that make it possible for early warning of drug quality risks, analysis in controlled manufacturing processes, and analysis of quality trends.
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Reliable System Functions
The basic modules of the system include personnel management, material management, customer management, document management subsystem, manufacturing process management subsystem, inspection process management subsystem, deviation and change management subsystem, environmental data monitoring, control charts, process capability analysis, quality early warning, batch production traceability view and other functional modules. Combined with strong data bridging capabilities and the construction of data standards, the system guarantee the quality and safety in the drug production.