Smart Business Serivce 
Data Acquisition and Smart
Application for
Shopping Malls
Smart Pharmaceutical Service 
Traceability and Data
Integration to
Ensure Medicine Safety

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Total Digital Reciepts Distributed (Billion)
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Shopping Malls 
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Data Processed on Medicine & Vaccine (Billion)
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Provincial Administrative Cooperation
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Pharmacy Served 
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Members in Our Research and Development Team
We provide accurate and comprehensive data application services, covering digital commerce, medical service, and wellness industry. We strive to maximize the value of data for customers.
Digital Commerce Solutions
Reshape the relationship between consumers and products in shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, airport/railway businesses, supermarkets, and various department stores, in order to achieve higher efficiency in the operation.
Medicine & Healthcare Solutions
Cooperate with government, pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, and vaccination clinics and enable traceability and supervision of drugs/vaccines throughout the whole process.
Smart Wellness Service Solutions
Collect, analyze and manage the living data of the elderly in real-time to meet the caring needs, including real-time monitoring with early warning system.
Digital & Commerce Product
Medicine & Healthcare Product
Client Stories

Why Us

Leading Technology

Nearly 100 national software copyrights and invention patents, setting up a high threshold in the industry.

Experienced with Expertise

Over 10-years of experience with a set of industry-defining standardized implementation specifications.

Efficient Service

High reputation and efficient implementation. Worldwide service is also supported.

Data Security

Pays great attention to your security and provides one of the highest industry-standard protection to your information.

Leading Data-Based Service Provider
Continue to provide stable, accurate and real-time data services